Building A New Layout 2009

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The Latest Version Of Patten Mines Railroad 2009

We recently moved into a new home so it is time to build a new layout.

This layout was started in April of 2009.

The room for the layout is 10 by 13 and the shape of the layout is in a U.  10 by 10 by 13.

The layout will feature a mining area along one wall and the trains will descend to a small port.

 The scale of this layout will be On30.  The benchwork has been built with the provision for another HO scale layout to be built directly under this one.

The backdrop is in place and painting has started.

Backdrop For The Mining Area

This portion of the backdrop is 7 feet long and is at the extreme right hand end of the layout.  This is the backdrop for the mining area.

Backdrop For The Port Area

This part of the layout is at the extreme left hand end.  This backdrop is about 7 feet long and will be behind the port on the layout.  The door to the room is just to the left of this part of the backdrop.


Progress on this layout will be slow as I spend most of my modeling time producing DVDs on how to build scenery, buildings, weathering, backdrop painting and other parts of the hobby.  Be sure to look around the rest of the website to see what is available.

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