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1936 Denver Equipment Gold and Silver Mining Catalog

The gold and silver boom in the Rockies in the late 1800s created a new industry devoted to machinery and equipment used to extract the precious metals from the raw ore.

A mill would be owned by one mining company or it might be shared by several.  But whatever the ownership arrangement, the need existed for methods of crushing the raw ore, separating the gold and silver and then refining those precious metals into pure gold and silver.

This was the reason the Denver Equipment Company was established, to bring that milling and processing equipment to the mine owner.

This 160 page catalog is the complete Denver Equipment Catalog for 1936.  Packed with great information on the equipment itself, how it worked and how to use it in setting up a mill.  Lots of great photos the equipment and even sample mill designs and arrangments.

This catalog is an excellent reference book on mining and milling and will help you build a more accurate mill on your layout.

1936 Denver Equipment Catalog containing 160 pages of great photos, drawings and information. The photo on the left is a composite of images from several pages of the catalog. On the CD itself, all pages are complete and not "cropped" as in the photo on the left.

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